Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH / Burgkunstadt, October 2007

„The safety of our staff is a matter which we are very much concerned about“


Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH purchases a first-aid heart defibrillator


According to the Björn Steiger foundation as many as 350 people are dying of sudden cardiac death in Germany each day. This number would considerably decline if a sufficient number of first-aid heart defibrillators would be available all over the country. In this connection, the Management Board of Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH intended to set an example. For the safety of their staff and in support of the 35 in-house first aiders, Fischer has purchased a so-called automatic external heart defibrillator „PRIMEDIC TM HeartSave AED-M“, hoping this device will, preferably, not have to be applied.



The photo shows some of the in-house first aiders with the new defibrillator


From the left: Ernst Klügl (“central first aid office”),
Florian Müller (Bavarian Red Cross attendant) and Markus Schrepfer (First Responder)


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