Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH / Burgkunstadt, September 2007

New Blood at FISCHER


9 new apprentices at Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH


Based on a long tradition, the FISCHER company has always placed a high emphasis on the vocational training of their young staff right from the beginning. So, another 9 new apprentices have been welcomed in the Burgkunstadt-based company this year. There, a total of about 30 young people, representing approximately 10 % of the whole work force, are learning a profession to become an industrial mechanic, industrial clerk, engineering mechanic, electronics engineer, draftsman or lathe operator turner.



The apprentices of 2007 introduce themselves


from the left: Mario Dembowski (industrial mechanic), André Renner (industrial clerk),
Matthias Bär (engineering mechanic), Stefano Göhring (industrial mechanic),
Tobias Rupprecht (engineering mechanic),
David Beloch (electronics engineer), Markus Höppel (electronics engineer),
Julian Dorsch (draftsman), Michael Wagner (draftsman)


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