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About us

KE Fischer is the world‘s leading

manufacturer of cord cutting

systems for the tire industry.

KE FISCHER‘s manufacturing operations are located at its headquarters in Burgkunstadt (Germany). Sales and service subsidiaries are located in the US and China.

KE FISCHER produces and supplies tire manufacturers with machinery used primarily for manufacturing rubber-coated steel wire and fabric layers (known as calendered cord material) for tire carcasses and tire belts. These layers form the supporting structure for the tire and ensure shape and driving stability. KE FISCHER’s machinery cuts this cord with absolute precision. 


Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH

Karl-Eugen-Fischer-Str. 6+8

96224 Burgkunstadt/Germany

Cutting systems are crucial for keeping production operations in the tire manufacturing process smooth. 
KE FISCHER’s machinery stands at the forefront of this technology. Key factors in the success of
KE FISCHER‘s machinery are a high degree of precision and low material loss.

Each KE FISCHER machine is tailored to the customer‘s specific requirements. The machinery is delivered on schedule and assembled at the customer site.

KE FISCHER is the preferred supplier of

countless tire manufacturers.

We achieve maximum customer satisfaction

by developing machinery to match our customers`specifications.



Quality and environmental standards are top concerns for all established machine manufacturers.

KE FISCHER's fundamental principles and philosophy are to provide superior quality in production in full compliance with environmental standards. 

KE FISCHER is constantly improving the manufacturing process to deliver up-to-date products to tire manufacturers worldwide. Routine internal checks serve to further optomize production times while maintaining high quality.

KE FISCHER's competence in quality management is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. 
KE FISCHER is regularly raising the bar for itself to meet future standards and customer criteria. This approach ensures that KE FISCHER continues to deliver state-of-the-art machinery.

KE FISCHER has also successfully passed an audit in environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 certification.



KE Fischer‘s clear focus on

cutting systems results

in unmatched industry experience.


KE FISCHER was founded in 1940 by Karl Eugen Fischer. The company entered a new forward-looking phase in 1970 when it began experimenting with cutting cord and textiles. This developed into the construction of the first cord cutting machine for the tire industry. Within only a few years, KE FISCHER went on to produce first-rate products for supporting this technology. KE FISCHER secured an important advantage in the market by establishing a subsidiary in the USA in the mid 1980‘s as well as by taking first steps into the Asian market.

Our innovative processes have helped KE FISCHER build a strong reputation in the tire industry as a product specialist for steel and textile cord cutting systems for two-wheel, passenger car, light truck, truck, and
off-the-road tire manufacturing.

Over the last 50 years, KE FISCHER has delivered over 800 cutting lines to customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Because the tire industry is constantly evolving, KE FISCHER has committed itself to producing innovations based on our customers` needs.

50 years of success has made KE Fischer the world‘s leading

manufacturer of cutting systems for the tire industry.





16,000 sqm facility

KE FISCHER‘S headquarters is located in Burgkunstadt, Germany. Over half of the 16,000 sqm is used for production (manufacturing and assembly).
Complete assembly and testing of all systems prior to shipment takes place at this site. KE FISCHER is fully equipped to do all mechanical treatments and to integrated
hardware and software systems of any complexity. 

At its headquarters KE FISCHER also maintains a multi-functional machine work shop with numerous CNC milling and turning centers, as well as a paint shop.


Project Management

Our Project Managers are involved from the initial request for proposal to completion at the customer’s site. Our team of Project Managers handles all technical and commercial contact with the customer. This approach ensures that KE FISCHER delivers on schedule.


Development and Design


KE FISCHER has complete in-house development and design capabilities for product design and system integration as well as engineers dedicated to ongoing R&D. KE FISCHER is continuously working on product innovations in an effort to better serve the changing needs of our customers and the industry.

Thanks to our R&D department, KE FISCHER can offer excellent support regarding computer-controlled systems. KE FISCHER's goal is to remain the global leader in the market of cord cutting systems for the tire industry by continuing to develop improved and future-oriented solutions.