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KE Fischer Retrofit

Modifications at all types

of existing KE FISCHER cutting lines

and NON-FISCHER cutting lines

on request

Mechanical modifications
Mechanical modifications
To retrofit up-to-date technology into existing cutting line
  • Edge trimming device
  • Modification from advance system to feeding system
  • New material fixing device (Mat-Fix)
  • Material support in the splicer pit
  • Integration of extruder
  • Replacement of complete components
  • Modification of NON-KE FISCHER cutting lines
Integration of control systems
Integration of control systems
To ensure optimal quality of your products
  • Splice offset recognition
  • Automatic correction of splice offset
  • Splice overlap control system
  • Open splice recognition
  • Overlap detection device
  • Position correction of material in the slitter
  • Width measuring system
  • Detection of missing rubber
To ensure availability of obsolete spare parts
  • New control cabinet
  • New PLC
  • Replacement of drives
  • New machine PC – WIN 10
Integration of MES-systems
Integration of MES-systems
For process monitoring and documentation


Retrofit service

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