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Steel Cord - Ply

Strong and precise -    
steel cord ply cutting line - generation 5.1

The KE FISCHER steel cord ply cutting line is designed to handle all current high tensile steel cord materials with a strong guillotine cutting system. 

High cutting quality, accuracy, and performance at highest output. The multiple splicing head technology enables a reliable splice performance. The high splice quality that generation 5.1 delivers ensures production of safe truck tires.

Technical Data

Calender material
Steel cord calender material with highest tensity and for all required material specifications and thickness. 

Angle of cut plies
Cutting and splice angle: fixed 90°

Ply width:
up to 1300 mm and more

Key Features
High output for the most cost-efficient production of light truck, heavy truck, and bus tires.
Customized execution for highest performance of the steel cord cutting line thanks to individually configurable machine layouts.
Let-off stations, gum wedge units with multiple functions, wind-up stations – all in different designs to meet the customer specifications and ensure superior flexibility.

The wide range of possibilities/options (quality-related features, improvements/operation/automation, and quality control systems) means that every line can be customized according to the customers needs. Let us work with you to find the best solution for your specific requirements. 

Special requirements/specifications available on request.