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The cutting edge

of tire machinery





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As the global leader in the manufacturing of cord cutting systems KE Fischer’s intention is to remain on the cutting edge of tire machinery

KE FISCHER is a cord cutting specialist for all kinds of tire manufacturing and offers the latest technology with fast reaction time. Due to a strong customer orientation and individualized solutions,
KE FISCHER is the leader in technology and stands for high quality.



Cord cutting specialist for

all tire manufacturing





HMI & Industrial

Internet of Things


Flexibility and

fast reaction time


Strong customer



Strong reputation, high quality

and technology leadership

Tab Cord cutting specialist 
for all tire end markets

Cord cutting specialist

for all tire end markets

KE FISCHER offers a world-leading range of steel and textile cord cutting systems for all kinds of tires; i.e. two wheeler, light vehicle, truck and off-the-road tire manufacturers. The intention is to anticipate the needs of tire manufacturers with substantial product expertise and knowledge of many applications.

KE FISCHER´S focus on cutting systems creates an unmatched industry experience.


Tab Material expertise

Material expertise

To match the continuous improvement of future tire material mixes, 
KE FISCHER is up-to-date about material behavior and can adjust its cutting systems accordingly. Since the slightest material mix changes can heavily influence the performance of a cord cutting system, KE FISCHERS experts attend each ramp-up phase in order to fine tune and ensure highest quality and efficiency.

KE FISCHER‘S core competence is a long-term and in-depth expertise in a wide variety of materials.

Tab HMI & Industrial Internet of Things

HMI & Industrial Internet of Things

"Hands-off, eyes-off" Production at KE FISCHER is not only a slogan, it is what a Fischer line makes ready for the future. The user friendly operation concept for all our lines is intuitive, and makes sure to always get the right information with the right functionality needed in real time. With smart integrated solutions, 
KE FISCHER is always at the highest perfection in production, quality and in maximum output. The real time data is ready for every factory Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which can be customized according to every process, to always have the right data to the right time.

Tab Flexibility and 
fast reaction time

Flexibility and

fast reaction time

KE FISCHER ensures high quality standards by producing nearly 100% of its value chain in-house.This allows flexibility in R&D, manufacturing, installation and aftersales.

Short communication and decision paths make quick reaction times in individual customer requests regarding system characteristics or changes in delivery targets possible.

Tab Strong customer 

Strong customer


KE FISCHER maintains longstanding relationships with all leading tire manufacturers, but also supports medium-sized and smaller tire producers. Providing highly customized cutting systems tailored to the needs of its customers results in stable customer relationships for up to 50 years.

KE FISCHER’S continuous improvements result from the diversified customer base and by continued learning from individual customer projects.

Tab Strong reputation, high quality 
and technology leadership

Strong reputation, high quality

and technology leadership

Experience and a large installed base of more than 800 systems grants
KE FISCHER a strong reputation as the quality and technology leader for cord cutting systems.

KE FISCHER transfers the learnings from joint R&D projects and continuous innovation of their highly customized systems into evolving customer requirements of new projects.
As a result, KE FISCHER maintains high quality and technology leadership.



  • KE FISCHER’S technologies will take customers one step ahead.
  • Development at KE FISCHER meets the latest standards.
  • Production quality is ensured by high vertical integration.
  • Cord cutting lines are only made of parts and materials with superior quality.
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  • Tailor-made is our standard.
  • KE FISCHER offers development knowledge for many applications.
  • KE FISCHER understands the industry requirements and
    provide customized products.
  • KE FISCHER's engineers are continuously working on innovations
    in close cooperation with our customers.
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At KE FISCHER’s headquarters in Burgkunstadt and with KE FISCHER’s branches in the USA and China we focus on precision. Precision that drives our customers, but also our employees, on a daily basis and makes KE FISCHER leading manufacturer and developer of cutting systems for the tire industry.

Whether commissioning, machine inspection, technical consultation or the quick processing of your spare parts delivery:
KE FISCHER is available for you - quick, reliable and with a broad range of additional services.

With KE FISCHER the world is open for you – apply at KE FISCHER – a leading manufacturer and developer of cutting systems for the tire industry.